Pilot Lights: a small component with a bright impact.

Pilot lights are a critical component in the build of many control panels, distribution systems and other automation apparatus.

Their primary function is to provide an indication on the status of the operating system, which signals important information to the systems user or operator.

Pilot lights can be used for many functions, which are usually decided during the design phase of the system and its operating philosophy. Examples of their use is the on/off status of equipment, identification of a system fault or whether the apparatus has reached its maximum operating temperature. Additionally they are often built into switches.

Unfortunately if the control system’s pilot lights are not working or damaged there can be catastrophic consequences to the operator. This is not only dangerous for personnel and the equipment/facility, but can also result in costly downtime of operations while the equipment is replaced.

For this reason, investing in the right Pilot Light will reduce your risk and improve the longevity of your entire system. Quality & material is of the highest importance when choosing your lights, and you have the choice between a robust stainless steel unit and a plastic body, the former is a reliable solution when operating in industrial and hazardous areas.

The Ingress Protection (IP) rating also plays an important role, ensuring liquids, such as water, and dust particles are kept out of the lighting component, critical for strong visibility in daylight.

At JCE Group we pride ourselves in being the only manufacturer in the UK to produce Ex d Pilot Lights, built with the most harsh and hazardous operating conditions in mind.

Our multi-coloured range has the following benefits:

  • Estimated life 100,000 hours – a low maintenance product
  • 6 colours in line with industry standards
  • Robust 316 Stainless Steel assembly
  • LED cluster lamp
  • No sealing compound required for fitting
  • Compatible with Ex d and Ex tb certification
  • ATEX & IECEx certified
  • For more technical information view our datasheet here
  • Additionally, JCE hold a large stock of Pilot Lights which are readily available for Ex Works delivery and collection, alongside their compatibility with our range of EJB and GUB series enclosures.

    JCE Group are in a unique position to withstand the impact of Brexit, as we are one of the only UK manufactures of Ex d products, therefore we can assure strong lead time, competitive pricing and high quality materials for all of our products.