Hydrogen H2 Environments

Hydrogen is a clean alternative to methane, also known as natural gas. It's the most abundant chemical element, estimated to contribute 75% of the mass of the universe.

Hydrogen is already widely used in our world to provide a clean source of energy for chemical and food processing, rocket fuel, electricity production through fuel cells and vehicle fuelling.

Our capabilities within Hydrogen H2 Environments

We have a demonstrated history of supporting electrical control solutions for use within Hydrogen H2 Atmospheres, including the following:

  • Designing, manufacturing and testing PLC based control systems for the production and storing of hydrogen for use in both hazardous and safe area.
  • ATEX and IECEx certified H2 control equipment for use in hazardous areas (Zone 1 & 2), supplied and manufactured in the UK.
  • Hybrid systems incorporating fuel cell technology, solar and wind for producing clean energy to off-grid locations or unmanned platforms.
  • Monitoring systems (CCTV and security) with networking capabilities.
  • Fuel cell systems (hydrogen & methanol) for use in remote locations.

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