Coronavirus Statement

The Government announced new stricter measures to fight Coronavirus, in order to protect the NHS and save lives. In response to the restrictions, and as part of our ongoing business continuity planning, we have asked our office based employees to work remotely until further notice. All telephone calls to the main number will be answered as normal, ensuring a high standard of customer service is maintained.

JCE employees who cannot work from home, because they are directly involved in manufacturing and operating machinery, have continued to work at our premises and they have been supplied with hand sanitiser, gloves and masks. We have also introduced precautionary measures for these employees, encouraging them to follow the hygiene guidelines, stay at least 2m away from each other and stagger their break times to minimise contact.

Social distancing is being promoted across the business to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, and as a result, we will be imposing the following restrictions until further notice:

  • All visits to customers are to be cancelled, and conference calls will be utilised as an alternative form of communication.
  • Customers / visitors are advised not to visit our premises.
  • Suppliers are asked leave deliveries outside the goods in door and delivery notes should be scanned to (for JCE Group) or (for JCE Europe), which we will sign and email back.
  • All forthcoming onsite work, trips offshore or overseas will be cancelled or postponed to a future date.

We are making every effort to prevent any disruption to your business and our number one priority, as always, is to ensure the safety of our customers, suppliers and employees.

If you have any further questions or would like more information: